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All MasterArm's servers are customizable with their Addons.
SRS, Tacview, and LotAtc are three add-ons available to
choose right now for your MasterArm Server


Reasonable Pricing

Our server performances and their location Variety are arguably the best you can find here. With all that said, we think it doesn’t give a reason to overcharge clients for the excellent experience they deserve for the amount they pay.It’s unfair, Amateur, and last but not least, It’s a wrong approach.

DCS World by Eagle Dynamics is a free-to-play military aircraft simulation featuring a range of planes from WWII to modern jets. Experience realistic air combat in detailed single or multiplayer environments.

Transfer and Management Tool : Tacview Missions Tracks

Eagle Dynamics - DCS World

DCS World, developed by Eagle Dynamics, is a premier free-to-play digital military aircraft battlefield simulation.

Players can immerse themselves in both single and multiplayer environments, where every detail has been crafted to ensure the highest level of realism. The game’s attention to detail extends beyond the aircraft to the diverse landscapes and dynamic weather conditions, creating a deeply engaging and authentic flight simulation experience.

DCS World continues to stand out as one of the most realistic, entertaining, and active air combat simulators available today. Its community of passionate players and continuous updates from Eagle Dynamics ensure that it remains at the forefront of digital combat simulations, offering endless hours of aerial excitement and tactical gameplay.

The Universal Flight Analysis Tool


Tacview is the universal flight data analysis tool. It records flight data for each session of your server down to the smallest details, so it becomes the number one tool you will need to debrief the mission you flew.

Tacview gets used not only for the simulators but for real-life flight data too. Using the tacview, you can take your understanding and experience to another level.

It’s undoubtedly essential if you’re flying competitive DCS. Masterarm servers are mainly featured with Tacview, so you can be sure that even without Tacview installed on your PC, You’ll still have it recorded by the server.

MasterArm highly recommends purchasing Tacview Advanced as it provides you with multiple useful features such as real-time telemetry, online debriefing, and telemetry export. read more here

TMT is designed to transform the way you transfer files, providing a seamless experience while eliminating the need for intermediaries.

Transfer and Management Tool : Tacview Missions Tracks


TMT is the ultimate solution for managing your access to your track files and Tacviews and uploading and downloading your mission files independently from taking them on a third-party space.

TMT is MasterArm’s Exclusive tool. We’re hardwired to add more features, so that’ll be the most user-friendly experience we could bring to our customers while being our comparative advantage

Simple Radio Standalone


There’s still not a reliable VoIp built into DCS. But SRS has played a major role for players to work a great way around this quite of an issue.

SRS works pretty similarly to any other VoIP software you may know But in a realistic way too. In other words, by Simulating a realistic Radio system SRS adds more value to the realism DCS offers.Instead of going to different channels or servers while flying, you can just simply adjust your frequency to communicate with whom you want to talk to.

Master arm servers mainly come with SRS installed on them. You’ll automatically get connected to our servers’ own SRS server so you won’t need to use some others DCS Servers’ SRS servers.SRS is the ultimate guarantee you will have clean nice and focused radio communication.

DCS-SRS enhances communication in DCS Multiplayer, combining user-friendliness with immersive realism. Their advanced radio system seamlessly integrates with all current and upcoming aircraft within DCS, ensuring a unified player experience.



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