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Single DCS Server up to 64Pilots – US


If you’re interested in launching a public multiplayer server featuring dynamic PVE or PVP missions, this server is undoubtedly the ideal choice available on the market. MasterArm servers are designed to be resilient, and capable of supporting a large number of players with extended uptime. They provide a seamless experience, ensuring no lag or disconnection issues, thereby offering the smoothest gameplay possible.

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"With the MasterArm server customization, you have the option to include SRS and/or Tacview according to your preferences."

"MasterArm Servers will be promptly updated following each DCS update, ensuring minimal downtime."

“MasterArm provides you with WebGUI access, granting you complete control over your server."

"At present, MasterArm exclusively supports OpenBeta DCS servers."


"MasterArm servers boast a robust bandwidth of 700Mbps or more, delivering exceptional stability with minimal downtime."

"This server is designed to support up to 64 players. While our servers are under constant monitoring, please be aware that our support team may not provide assistance specifically related to hosting more than 64 players."

Single DCS Server up to 64Pilots – US

Embark on an immersive gaming experience like never before with our state-of-the-art Single DCS Server. Designed to cater to the needs of serious flight simulation enthusiasts, this powerful server can accommodate up to 64 pilots, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in adrenaline-pumping aerial battles, daring missions, and realistic flight simulations like never before. 

No longer will you have to compromise on the number of players, as our Single DCS Server unlocks the potential to take your playtime to the next level. Gather your friends, form alliances. or engage in thrilling multiplayer duels with the incredible capacity to accommodate 64 skilled aviators concurrently.

The powerful hardware of our server ensures lightning-fast connectivity, ensuring lag-free gameplay and seamless communication among pilots. Say goodbye to frustrating lags and choppy movements that ruin the gaming experience. Masterarm Single DCS Server is built to keep pace with your skills, offering uninterrupted gameplay no matter how demanding the situation becomes.


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Single DCS Server up to 64Pilots – US
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