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Single DCS Server up to 6Pilots – Germany


This server is ideal for you and your fellow DCS players when it comes to flying PVE/PVP missions on an occasional basis. It offers an optimal experience for your small group.

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"With the MasterArm server customization, you have the option to include SRS and/or Tacview according to your preferences."

"MasterArm Servers will be promptly updated following each DCS update, ensuring minimal downtime."

“MasterArm provides you with WebGUI access, granting you complete control over your server."

"At present, MasterArm exclusively supports OpenBeta DCS servers."


"MasterArm servers boast a robust bandwidth of 700Mbps or more, delivering exceptional stability with minimal downtime."

"This server is designed to support up to 6 players. While our servers are under constant monitoring, please be aware that our support team may not provide assistance specifically related to hosting more than 6 players."

Single DCS Server up to 6Pilots Germany

This robust Single DCS Server up to 6Pilots Germany packs a punch by seamlessly handling up to 6 pilots, unveiling a new level of realism and coordination. Gone are the days of coordinating multiple servers or contending with laggy gameplay. The Single DCS Server ensures smooth, uninterrupted flights, guaranteeing a truly immersive experience for every participant. 

Moreover, the server’s German roots accentuate its precision and reliability. Crafted with an unmistakable attention to detail, this product keenly understands the needs and expectations of German players. It effortlessly synchronizes every element, from stunning graphics to intricate flight dynamics, making you feel like a real Luftwaffe ace!

The Single DCS Server also excels in promoting camaraderie among fellow pilots. Collaborate, communicate, and strategize on a whole new level, thanks to its exceptional multiplayer capabilities.

The Single DCS Server up to 6 Pilots in Germany is a game-changer in the world of combat flight simulators. Its unparalleled efficiency, immersive gameplay, and dedicated support make it the go-to choice for enthusiasts looking to take their virtual aviation endeavors to new heights.


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Single DCS Server up to 6Pilots – Germany
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